The Magic of Writing

Did you ever ask yourself how words appear on paper to form the story that you read? How ideas are expresses?  How the plot is generated?      Well…. from fellow authors I find that the creative process varies.  Some authors insist on a well thought out plan, a clear headline which they can follow chapter […]

The Other Regency War

Did you know about the other war which was raging during the Regency Era?  Were you aware that while Napoleon sweeps Europe into a long and bitter military conflagration, far away, across the Atlantic the new world is embroiled in the War of 1812?  Yes, Great Britain is at war with the newly formed United […]

Author: Emma Reid

Most of my friends know that I have published a novel, “The Mistress of Rye.” Some have read it. I have been asked by others why I have not published under my own, real name. It forced me to do some soul searching. I asked myself why I felt the need to have a pen […]

Keeping True to Historical Setting

    Any historical novel requires intensive research into the period of its setting. In order to convey a sense of authenticity to the reader, the author has to be familiar with the societal mores, the manners and the behaviors characteristic of the time, as well as the prevailing social mentality.     In Regency historical novels […]

Let’s Talk Regency fashion

Regency fashion was a reaction to the previous Georgian age with its more elaborate, lavishly decorated designs in heavier richer materials. Hoops and stays were abandoned for a simpler classic style.  This, because in spite of the tension between England and France, cultural influences of the Empire style came across the channel. In fact, French […]

The historical background of the “Mistress of Rye”

The Novel is set in 19th century England, shortly after the end of the Napoleonic wars in which the French emperor dragged all of Europe into years of devastating upheaval. The heroin, Lady Kathrine, though a civilian, is indirectly a victim of war. Her father died in battle and her brother is missing in action, […]