“For a temporary shelter from danger, for an escape from a horrible fate,
Kate decided to offer the duke her virtue,”

Emma Reid has travelled extensively throughout her life and has lived in several different countries including England. She is a retired psychologist who has published professionally, but, this is her first work of fiction. As a fan of both historical fiction and romance novel, she aims to create intriguing love stories on the background of the Regency and the Victorian periods. Emma Reid and her husband live on the ocean in Florida. They love travel and late afternoon walks on the beach.

Author FAQs

I came across John Galsworthy as a teenager and was impressed by his “Forsyte Saga.” I am not sure it inspired me to become a writer, but I liked the historical periods he describes.
An intriguing historical romance.
This book is part of a series, with some of the characters in the “Mistress of Rye” as leading characters of subsequent books. I am currently writing the second novel where the protagonist is Havisham, an illegitimate son of the nobility who rises to power as a star of industry. The book will describe his complicated marriage to a Duke’s daughter on the background of the changes in British society of the 19th century.
My favorite part is the freedom the creative process allows. The freedom to take the plot where I like it to go, the freedom to get carried away into a scene and describe it in details as if I am in it. I like the freedom to guide a dialogue the way I want it to evolve. Basically, the permission to create a reality where there was none.
I am about to finish “A gentleman in Moscow” an amazing book.
I like to listen to Barbara Streisand, Laonard Cohen and the Beatles.